Health Care & Social Assistance

Business Description

Listing#: RL00275

Price: $875,000

Profit: $172,000

Sales Revenue: $471,000

Business Description

This may be the office you've been looking for. You've been working as an associate and now is the time to go on your own. It's time!  And, to make it better, you will be in east Tennessee! Wow!  This is great!  Plus, you'll have a patient base who are loyal and who understand treatment plans.  Work hard throughout the week and take the family to Gatlinburg for the weekend.

This also may be the opportunity for the young DSO/DPO out there. You've added a practice a year for the past 4 years and you're ready for another. Once again, you'll have an asset in east Tennessee with a solid dental practice. Systems are in place.  Softdent manages the administration details.

But, for the right buyer, this practice is prime for a new owner. Current owner is retiring. There is a very clean set of financials. Great quality of life. 

The patient base comes from an area with 5 industrial parks.Staff is small, efficient and responsive.

5 operatories. 

Practice is making money and the area affords for growth.  Building is set up to allow for the practice to double in size.