$750,000 Includes Real Estate






Memphis Metro



Transportation & Warehousing

Business Description

Listing#: RL00233

Price: $750,000 Includes Real Estate

Profit: $195,000

Sales Revenue: $350,000

Business Description


This towing business earns business through towing services and in tote-the-note auto sales. There are (3) towing trucks which includes (2) roll-backs and (1) repo truck.  It also comes with (4) forklifts. There is an inventory of 400 cars ready for scrap. The property has landing strips. There are approximately 65 autos with whom the owner is accepting payments. The building has (5) 24 foot tall doors and the property has a 6 foot metal fence around 3.75 acres. There is a total of about  20 acres.

Cash flow on this business is outstanding and the building and land are primed for a large wrecker service and big rig repair. Its location is close to a very busy and high traffic area related to the trucking industry. There is plenty of land to expand or sell off one day.

There are (2) towing companies under this umbrella of a company with one of the locations being rented. The buyer can continue to rent at the 2nd location to keep the towing business at two locations or find a different location. The land and building purchase does have a towing address as well.

There is plenty of room in the building to house 5-7 rigs without trailers.

With the cash flow from the auto sales, this business is prime for expansion in to the big rig repair business or adding more tow trucks. Additionally, with the size of the land purchase, this business is prime for the expansion in to the acquisition of larger tow trucks for big rig towing. The balance sheet with this purchase will create leverage for growth into a market ripe for repair, towing, additional auto sales and fantastic cash flow.